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About Us
In early 1997, Monolith Modular Systems, Inc. began as Monolith Modular Solutions, essentially focused on the design and construction of production facilities, such as audio recording studios, video production, and post production facilities of which the founder, Robert Fleischacker had built approximately 30 of as a freelance engineer in the early 1990's. Although our staff has grown considerably over the years to accommodate our client's needs, we strive to offer a personal approach to our service.
Monolith Systems, Inc. is dedicated to raising the interpretation of the design build professional audio-video contractor by providing honest, creative and cost effective technological solutions to corporate, production and educational clientele. Our goal is to provide solutions to our customers based upon their needs rather than only what we think they need. Providing expert design, consultation, technical support, and systems integration; we partner with our clients to meet and surpass their expectations in each and every project.
Monolith Modular Systems, Inc. was formed in 1997. At the start of the company, I decided that Monolith would provide unparalleled customer service in an industry rapidly evolving. Clients would require a partner in bringing these latest technologies to their corporate and educational organizations. Monolith was created to be that partner.

While employed at several audiovisual integration firms, I continually strived to provide the customer with the level of support and respect that was deserved.