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In early 1997, Monolith Modular Systems, Inc. began as Monolith Modular Solutions, essentially focused on the design and construction of production facilities, such as audio recording studios, video production, and post production facilities of which the founder, Robert Fleischacker had built approximately 30 of as a freelance engineer in the early 1990's.


Monolith Systems - AV Installation NY - The American Stock Exchange

In April of that same year, our first corporate vendor, Dale Pro Audio ( recommended Monolith to the Nasdaq Stock Market to help support their enormous 96 cube video wall in Manhattan. Once there, the project transformed into the design and integration of Nasdaq's first broadcast facility.



Monolith Systems - AV Installation NY - New York UniversityBy the end of our first year in business, Monolith was rapidly becoming one of the busiest yet unknown professional audio-video integration companies in New York City. We had no time to advertise our services since our clients were providing projects more quickly than we could take the time to stop and brag about our work!


As the production industry expansion slowed, Monolith found great success in the audiovisual presentation systems design and integration market. This encompassed both educational and corporate presentation systems for classrooms, training rooms, and corporate meeting/board rooms.


In 2003 we began offering custom Crestron Control System programming as a service.


Now entering our twelfth year in business, Monolith Systems, Inc. provides audiovisual systems design, integration, and technical support services to an impressive list of clients who freely offer their recommendation of our services. Please refer to our Testimonials section for further information about our reputation.


Although our staff has grown considerably over the years to accommodate our client's needs, we strive to offer a personal approach to our service. Our entire staff provides both integration and technical support for the systems. Simply put, the client will be familiar and comfortable with the technicians who arrive to service their system, as it is the same technicians who installed it in the first place.


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