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SCN writer Mary Bakija recently sat down with our President and Founder, Rob Fleischacker,

for the magazine's October 2010 issue. Apparently we are the "Talk Of The Town."

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Monolith Systems - AV Installation NY - Teachers CollegeMonolith Systems, Inc. has been awarded the design, build, and integration of an ambitious new project

for Columbia University's Teachers College. The Edward D. Mysak Speech & Hearing Center will feature:

multiple small therapy rooms, a group therapy room, a diagnostic area, two observation corridors, a sound room,

and a 10 student lab room. Multiple capture stations coupled with shared storage will enable remote viewing and

archiving of therapy and observation sessions. Project architect Steve Lewent from Graf & Lewent designed the

space and contacted Monolith Systems, Inc. to provide audiovisual consultation on the project.



Monolith Systems - AV Installation NY - Fleishman HillardMonolith Systems, Inc. has been awarded the design, build, and integration to upgrade the audiovisual presentation

systems for Fleishman-Hillard. As a global leader in marketing and communications, Fleishman-Hillard is one of the

industry's most recognized public relations agencies. This project includes: 2 Premier Presentation Rooms,

1 large Multipurpose divisible room and 3 medium size conference rooms. All will use the latest technologies from

industry leading manufacturers such as Crestron, Extron, Hitachi and Samsung.



Monolith Systems, Inc. continues to work on retrofitting classrooms for New York University's Waverly building.

To date, 12 classrooms on the 3rd and 4th floors have been upgraded with new presentation systems.

Classrooms will include the latest presentation technology for use by NYU's prestigious faculty.

We will be retrofitting 5 classrooms on the 5th floor this summer.


An additional two classrooms will be retrofitted in NYU's Silver Building. A dual projection classroom will be installed

with a custom furniture solution for the teaching position containing the latest presentation technology. A standard

single projection classroom will be installed to another renovated classroomMonolith Systems - AV Installation NY - New York University

on the same floor.


At NYU's 19 West 4th Street, Monolith will be renovating the large lecture hall with a new presentation system

offering a more stable and uniform approach to audiovisual in the space. Program and speech audio systems

will be implemented to provide a better audio experience in the room.


Monolith Systems, Inc. has been awarded the design, build, and integration of audiovisual presentation systems

for New York University's Center For Genomics And Systems Biology.  The project includes: 4 state-of-the-art

classrooms, 3 seminar rooms, 3 conference rooms, 1 executive boardroom, and a 137-seat auditorium.


Monolith Systems, Inc. has completed a unique and ambitious project for New York University's Department of

Psychology. The project includes: (3) four-robotic camera observation labs along with four cubicle observation  

rooms. All labs and observation rooms are centrally controlled via a user-friendly Crestron touch panel. 

This design offers the NYU Department of Psychology maximum flexibility when conducting their research.



Monolith Systems - AV Installation NY - York CollegeMonolith Systems, Inc. is proud to have been selected to continue our systems integration work at York College.

Located in Jamaica, NY, York College is a senior college of The City University of New York.

An additional 6 classrooms will be brought online at the campus providing instructors with the latest teaching

technologies from manufacturers such as Crestron, Extron and Hitachi.