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Message from our President
About us / Message from our President:
onolith Modular Systems, Inc. was formed in 1997. At the start of the company, I decided that Monolith would provide unparalleled customer service in an industry rapidly evolving. Clients would require a partner in bringing these latest technologies to their corporate and educational organizations. Monolith was created to be that partner.

While employed at several audiovisual integration firms, I continually strived to provide the customer with the level of support and respect that was deserved. Questions were welcomed and answered by providing the facts, rather than unnecessary & confusing technological jargon.

The result: a mutual respect and partnership that grew into the customer loyalty that Monolith Systems, Inc. enjoys some two decades later.

At Monolith we offer our clients what I believe has been missing until now, a Design-Build Systems integrator that can be trusted without hesitation. A project is designed purely on the customer's needs, not what equipment is remaining on our shelves. We combine the objectiveness of a consultant with the actual experience to complete the project from start to finish.
Each client we have the privilege to serve is a gift to Monolith…we take nothing for granted and guarantee a successful project in the end. Once the project is completed is when the real customer service begins. Our impressive client list can attest to that.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Robert Fleischacker