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Our approach to systems consulting is a refreshing departure from the industry norm. We listen to your requirements, not just tell you what we think you need. The end result is a system design that uses technology to benefit you, not technology for technology's sake.
At its best, system design is a mutual collaboration between the client and the designer. So our system designers meet with your end users to confirm the system works for them. We know a technologically advanced product isn't worth much unless your people can realize its full potential.
Bridging the gap between your existing systems and new upgrades requires built-in flexibility. That's why our systems are expertly designed to enable continuous upgrades with minimal redesign. With this strategy working for you, the concept of planned obsolescence can be nearly obsolete.
Our designers work side by side with skilled technicians to ensure every aspect of the system is optimized to its original intention. At completion, the designers provide hands-on training to all end-users. We take the mystery out of the system for novices, but provide the expert with a system that is second to none.
In addition to servicing systems of our design, we also offer service of existing systems. Highly trained technicians can quickly diagnose and repair all your system troubles, restoring the system to its maximum performance.
At Monolith, there are no salespeople, just designers and integrators. Although we are an equipment dealer for many manufacturers, we only offer sales as a service to our clients. Equipment may be purchased through us or supplied by you. This objectivity ensures the product truly matches the project. See the Partners page for a list of manufacturers and links to their web sites.